Include and Embrace

Gaia’s work is there to inspire and awaken us to another perspective on life and beyond to bring in a more peaceful and harmonious society, in a better balance with Nature.

Tristan Lecomte

Serial Social Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Pur Projet

How are your team’s interpersonal relationships?

Do members of your team respectfully and kindly interact with one another?

Do they skillfully resolve (inevitable) disagreements and conflicts?

Does everyone feel included, regardless of their cultural background and traditions, lifestyle, sexual orientation, or particular disability?

Do they feel that their time spent together at work is generally pleasant and harmonious?

Coaching Objectives

Create a gentle openness and build trust between colleagues.

Learn and practice conscious communication skills.

Explore unspoken biases, blind spots, and stereotyping.

Increase understanding and acceptance of differences.

Long-term Benefits

The team embraces diversity and values change and growth.

Conflict is accepted as a natural process in any relationship. Softening, listening, resolving and growing are positive outcomes of challenging situations.

Fruitful collaborations become the norm. Colleagues are capable of truly hearing and receiving each other, and professionally approach one another with mutual respect.

The research study, conducting by Harvey Seifter and supported by the National Science Foundation Science confirms the impact of art-based learning in business:

“The use of arts-based methods in such trainings result in statistically significant increases in creative and critical thinking, sharing leadership, emotionally intelligent behavior, empathic listening, mutual respect, trust, active following and transparency as well as insight, clarity and problem solving.”

Bring Creative Heart To Your Organization


Each module can be tested as a 2h workshop – $2,000

(+$5/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a 1/2 day workshop – $3,500

(+$10/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a full-day workshop – $5,000

(+$20/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)


Cross the ocean

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