Create and Innovate

This module is geared to awaken your team’s natural creative abilities and learn essential innovation skills. This workshop is useful for any company and is ideal for creative teams and branding and marketing departments.

Gaia Orion’s art is on the cutting edge of culture, showing us where humanity’s next shift is heading toward. She demonstrates how a deeply grounded and integrated life flowers naturally into a unique vision that is of service of the whole.

Steve Farrel

Founder of Humanity's Team

How are your team’s innovation skills?

Do the workload and deadlines seem to compress time so much that there is little left for innovation?

Is your team often stressed by upcoming critiques and presentations?

Is your focus so much on results that the quality of the creative process ends up being affected?

Do you feel like you are always trying to catch up with the new trends?

Coaching Objectives

Awakening your natural creative minds.

Concrete tools that allow ideas to flow easily.

Exercises to access your clear, efficient and visionary mind.

Long-term Benefits

Creative intelligence is more readily accessible .

Positive readiness in the face of critiques and presentation deadlines.

A motivated creative engaged team that comes up regularly with new ideas and solutions.

Donna Sturgess, from Global Head of Innovation, GlaxoSmithKlein, says: We have found that art-based tools help teams to see beyond the obvious to generate new ideas. Adventures through art give us more transformative experiences where new ideas emerge and our awareness is heightened to see beyond the obvious.

Attitudes and influences on our thinking are made visible and our imaginations are stimulated. Art teaches business the ability to conceptualize and to push beyond the established norms and boundaries.

Bring Creative Impulse To Your Organization


Each module can be tested as a 2h workshop – $2,000

(+$5/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a 1/2 day workshop – $3,500

(+$10/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a full-day workshop – $5,000

(+$20/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)


Cross the ocean

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