Creative Leader One-on-One Coaching

When I need to take a few steps back from everything I spend a full day in one-on-one coaching with Gaia to reassess my goals. Using the creative tools that Gaia brings to our sessions is extremely useful to reveal the essence of my vision for my own personal life as well as for my company. 

Susan Pahl

CEO of Shift Coaching, Toronto, Canada

Be inspired and learn essential keys to be a visionary leader in your field.

Creativity and innovation are considered to be the most important skills that are necessary to be successful in the 21st century. This one-on-one executive coaching is geared for leaders who aspire to excellence, high performance and most of all who desire their professional contribution to be positive and meaningful. 

You wonder if creativity coaching could help you step up to the next level.

You may:

Have no experience with creativity

Want to enhance your present level of creativity

See yourself as someone that has few original ideas

Desire to create but don't know where to start

Have a successful career but you are lagging behind in the field of innovation

We live in a fast paced world where change is happening all the time.

Do you feel like:

You are always trying to catch up with the new trends

You have difficulty seeing the big picture

You are challenged with connecting with your intuition

Creativity is not your forté but you know it should be

You want to bring more creativity into your personal and professional life

Together we will review your creative experiences.

We will also look at:

What's in the way of original thinking

Limiting beliefs that we have unconsciously accepted

Self-confidence - because the fact is we all have a creative potential

How to reach your innate creative spirit

Giving life to your creative aspirations

How to share your inspiration skills to your teams

Do you need to start with an introductory call to meet Gaia?

Leadership experts such as Chuck Palus and David Horth (2002) from the Center for Creative Leadership assert the value of leadership competencies more closely aligned with artists and found in artistic practice, than in the traditional technical sphere of the practices of managing in the workplace.

I came across Gaia after listening to one of her radio interviews. I find her to be very grounded and sensitive. It was perfect to rethink my career and move forward feeling safely supported in the process. I needed to bring some art and creativity into the work that I do as well as in my personal life! I was pleasantly surprised with the drawings I made. It felt good to see the results in the art, to realize how I can be less controlling. Instead, I learned to let myself go with the flow of life and saw how my art became the teacher!  Thanks again Gaia. 

Anaïs Bechetoile

HR Consultant, Work Psychologist, France

Gaia has very good listening skills and has an excellent ability to sum up my thoughts. She helps me focus on what’s essential and always asks the right questions. Her approach guides me gently toward taking the next step. She does not give answers but helps me find my own resources so that I come up with my own solutions. During every session I take a step back and see aspects of my situation that I had not seen. With her creativity coaching I am encouraged to think outside the box and consider new possibilities for my business.

Eric Forgues

General Manager of Canadian Institute of Linguisitc Minorities Research, Quebec, Canada

Let’s work together!

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