Adapting To Change

Gaia Orion has clearly stepped aside to allow Consciousness to flow through her and embody her art. Her work graces us with transpersonal Love and visions of a flourishing Self, Society, and Nature that is our birthright. May her work, and Heart, continue to blaze a path forward for the liberation and transformation of all who are touched by it.

Barrett C. Brown

Managing Director, Apheno Advisor

How is your team’s adaptability?

Is your organization recently experiencing a lot of changes?

Do you take time to assess difficulties in adapting?

Does the dynamic of your team feel dysfunctional at times?

How well do you manage the speed of our fast changing world?

Coaching Objectives

Increase adaptability in the face of inevitable change.

Define core values that hold the space even during times of uncertainty.

Optimizing everyone's role within the group's structure.

Long-term Benefits

Concrete tools to face change that can be used personally and collectively.

Team regards change as a time for opportunity and growth.

Flowering of everyone's talent in a dynamic team.

Julie Muraco, Senior Managing Director of NASDAQ Stock Market Capital Markets Group and a Board Member for Americans for the Arts, asserts that the artist’s skills are needed more now than ever given our present economic distress and failures of business as usual.

She calls upon the executive suite to take a leadership role in this pivotal time, to embrace the transformative potential that the arts and arts-based learning have to offer: Arts organizations can teach corporate America a variety of skills and processes that are not emphasized in the normal curriculum of the world’s top business schools. These skills are desperately needed by corporate America’s workforce to remain competitive in the global economy. They are intuitive and qualitative skills.

The arts can teach communication and presentation; team-building and problem-solving; or product and systems innovation. Arts-based training can be designed to teach corporate America about undefined outcomes, the allowance for failure and risk-taking.

Bring Creative Space To Your Organization


Each module can be tested as a 2h workshop – $2,000

(+$5/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a 1/2 day workshop – $3,500

(+$10/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)



Each module can be tested as a full-day workshop – $5,000

(+$20/person for art supplies paid on the day of the workshop)


Cross the ocean

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