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Why hire an artist as a coach to help my business?

The Boston Consulting Group has been conducting strategy surveys for 8 years and every year Creativity and Innovation are named to be the key skills that are necessary to be successful in the 21st century. We live in a fast paced world and change is happening all the time. Companies are struggling to keep up with new trends, with being ahead of the competition and with demands of the market and clients.

Linear thinking is not enough for businesses to adapt. Neuroscientists point out the necessity of developing a ‘whole brain’ approach to challenges. This means it is calling business people to include left brain qualities with their brain intuition, emotional intelligence, innovation, creativity, imagination, curiosity,  and big picture problem solving.

Artists are natural creative thinkers, they have developed intuitive skills, they constantly explore opportunities and possibilities and navigate the world with the intelligence of feelings.

Bringing an artist into the workplace invites you to look at your business with a whole new perspective: That will assist in creating a more constructive work environment, a more open, communicative and cooperative team approach which will reflect in the operation and success of the business.

How can Go Creative Corporate Coaching improve my company?

Before coming into a company I take time with the leadership team with a series of meetings or phone interviews so that I can understand their specific challenges. I then tailor my workshops to best suit my clients and their situation.

Go Creative Corporate Coaching is offered in 4 basic modules that all foster creative thinking. They are also geared to:

  • Teach stress management and relief.
  • Enhance team cohesion and collaboration.
  • Improve adaptability during times of change.
  • Rekindle personal motivation while reconnecting to the group’s mission and values.
  • Develop innovation skills and learn to access creativity more freely.
  • Cultivate awareness of our human diversity and practice healthy communication skills, empathy and respect.
  • Discover mindfulness in an engaging, innovative way to practice being present and at peace.
  • Nurture and strengthen women unique leadership capabilities.


Creative teams display higher performance, collaborate better, are more efficient, and they solve problems and create new ideas. Do you feel like your organization is prepared for the uncertainty of the future? Is creativity at the top of your agenda?If your organization is looking for solutions Go Creative! Corporate Coaching can help.

If I hire your services and bring you in I am worried about what my team will think...

I know exactly what you are talking about! I’ve seen executive teams in suits and ties feeling because the coaching team was making them do unfamiliar ‘play-like’ group tasks related to leadership training. I could see their eyes rolling over and could tell how they were thinking… they had much better things to do on their desk!

I also notice that afterwards they did learn valuable insights that they could directly apply when working with their team later on.

It is said that only 20% of information is retained when it is presented on a white board or in a power point presentation. In contrast using your hands, your body and your right brain, imprints new information and behaviours  easily and deeply. Unfortunately we have been brought up in a culture and education system that does not value art. I see that this lack of understanding toward the value of art is changing:

Many studies demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of right brain approaches like practicing art in the workplace. Arts-based training is already used in many sectors in business from solicitors and law firms, Fortune 500 companies, to local councils and community-based organizations.

Go Creative Corporate Coaching is not about doing arts and crafts. I bring the tools of art and creativity to help your team communicate better and to ultimately make your business grow.

If you want constructive change and growth in your business then investing in a different perspective can assist in finding solutions for the challenges of the workplace.

Could you tell us a bit about how you include the art with coaching?

As an artist I take coaching to the next level with my unique hands-on workshops. A good part of the workshop is about facilitating conversations around the artwork created. When your employees describe their art piece and the process that took them there they are indirectly sharing their feelings, their thought processes and the way they communicate and behave in the team context.

These exchanges reveal a lot of unspoken dynamics; they are an opportunity for everyone to be heard and for the team to spend time together to know each other better. Often the art ends up being displayed in the company; it keeps the history of your coaching process alive and becomes an object that will provide long-term learning for your organization.

The goal of my workshops is to foster insights and help individuals and organizations as a whole to flourish.

Could you let us know about the studies you are talking about?
  • Wikipedia page about Arts Based Learning.
  • Research paper that goes in-depth about the benefits of arts-based learning. It is mostly focused for the education system but can easily be transferred to the workplace context.
  • Study about the value of arts-based methods in leadership development.
  • Study that shows how art enhances performance in the business environment.
  • Study about art based learning which shows how it has emerged in business as a widely used approach to enhancing employee skills in areas such as high performance teamwork, change management and intercultural communication, with more than 400 of America’s Fortune 500 companies using artistic skills, processes and experiences to foster creative thinking and strengthen innovation processes.
  • Study with graphs showing the efficacy of art based learning on collaboration and innovation.
  • Study on the effects on leaders of an arts-based leadership intervention. The art-based intervention is more effective in stimulating long-term favorable changes in leaders’ behavior than the conventional program.
  • Study by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) about The Role of the Visual Arts in Enhancing the Learning Process.
  • Emerald Group Publishing article writes about how art teaches business the ability to conceptualize and to push beyond the established norms and boundaries. According to the writer, “another key factor behind the emergence of arts-based learning is a growing scepticism about the ability of traditional management education and leadership development to fully address the creative challenges facing today’s managers and leaders.”
  • Carleton University page on arts-based learning which mentions a study showing that it promotes creative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as fosters innovative leadership competencies.
  • Psychology Today article outlines many of the recent studies around the fact that creativity is the number one skill of the 21st century for the business world .
  • Article by IEDC School of Management showing how art can help and inspire better leadership management.
  • Article on the Creative Leadership Forum shares research about why arts-based learning is the next organisational learning and development frontier.
  • Article by Nick Nissley Executive Director at Leadership Development at the Banff Centre about art-based learning at work: economic downturns, innovation upturns, and the eminent practicality of arts in business.
  • This LinkedIn article by CEO of Play Prelude PhD Howard Esbin outlines the value of art-based learning in the corporate world.
  • This article by company Creativity at Work explains why arts-based learning for business is crucial for creativity, innovation and transformation.
  • Strategy + Business Magazine article explains why art is good for business.
  • Huffington Post article shows evidence that art integration enhances learning and engagement.
  • An interview with Harvey Seifter (Founder – The Art of Science Learning), Jennifer Daniels (Managing Principal – Flying Laboratories LLC), and Wendy Bradley (Sr. Director, Commercial Operations & Strategy – Waters Corporation) talks about what arts-based learning is, how it unlocks innovation, and why it needs to become a key component of corporate culture.
  • This article in PsyPost mentions a research that shows stress-related hormone cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation.

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