About Gaia Orion

“As an artist, my tool for change is a brush; as a coach, I bring creativity into the workplace to foster individual and collective transformation.” 

Gaia Orion

Artist and Creativity Corporate Coach, Go Creative!

Gaia Orion is a successful international artist who has dedicated her whole life to creativity. Her art process flourished alongside her personal development and her advocacy for societal change which has brought her to team coaching.

Her unique vision and experience led her to create an innovative approach that allies art and coaching to enrich and transform the culture of organizations.

Gaia is a certified creativity coach (CCA) and a certified corporate coach (WABC). In the past 10 years she has led transformational art workshops and has ventured into the field of corporate coaching. 

With art and creativity at the center of her life, she brings a unique approach and vision which contributes to advance and better the coaching culture in general.

Gaia uses her intuitive leadership style to inspire and empower. With an entrepreneurial mind and an artist’s spirit, she has found her way of sharing and connecting deeply with people to enact positive change.

To learn more about her personal journey and her art:

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