Why Go Creative?

From promoting a new idea to producing an innovation, from inspiring workers to changing the world, a growing number of business and community leaders are recognizing that creativity is not just a tool, but the very foundation needed for achieving our goals.

We’re in the age of the idea. The organization that can develop a culture of creativity and idea generation will be the winners.

Kevin Roberts

Chief Executive Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi

Try Our 4 Basic Modules Today!


For individuals in your team to take a break, breathe and learn stress management strategies.


A time for your team to deepen their connection and better know each other for greater collaboration.


A workshop that teaches tools that will help your team adapt to inevitable structural changes.


To explore the meaning of life and work and re-ignite motivation among team members.

Bring Go Creative! To Your Organization

Test The Creative Waters

Each module can be tested as a 2h workshop

Four basic modules can be experienced in a 1-day workshop

Take A Full Dip

Each module is delivered as a 1/2 day workshop

Four basic modules can be experienced over 2 days

Explore Deep Diving

Each module is delivered as a full day workshop

Four basic modules can be experienced over 4 days

A complete Go Creative experience (5 modules) over 5 days

Who Is It For?

Leadership Teams, Executives, Creative Teams, Creative Directors

Groups From 6 – 100 People

What is Go Creative?

Talking about being more creative in the workplace is one thing, but inspiring, nurturing, and sustaining it is another. 

Gaia understands that creativity does not have to be confined to the arts but that the arts can be uniquely mobilized in the service of learning.

Research supports this idea, indicating that arts-based education promotes creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and fosters innovative leadership competencies. Arts-based training is already used in many sectors, from law firms to fortune 500 companies, local councils to non-profit organizations.

Consider, Toronto-based intellectual Richard Florida has long noted the correlation between creativity, economic growth, and civic renewal. Further, a 2018 Ipsos Reid survey of 500 Canadian business leaders revealed 88 per cent of these decision makers believe “motivating and empowering employees to be their most creative selves is an important factor in creating a successful workplace”.

Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain – unless it is done by play, in which case it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions.

Dr. Karyn Purvis

Workshops are tailored for leadership teams and can host from 6 -100 people. Workshops duration can vary from 2 hours, a half day, or up to 5 days depending on the depth of your engagement with the process.

Gaia tailors specific exercises to help individuals and organizations flourish. These unique, hands-on workshops encourage cooperation, creative thinking, and long lasting, experimental learning. Participants will especially enjoy the experience of creating pieces of artwork that will serve as a long lasting testament of their insights and learning during the course.

Gaia encourages progressive businesses and non-profit organizations to contact her for a free consultation on how to Go Creative!

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